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A simple guide to a more effective email campaign

In order to make your emails more efficient and engaging, please refer to the list below when designing your own emails, or when sending us a campaign request. You are encouraged to include the following elements/requirements/guidelines in order to bring out the full potential of each email campaign!


  • Header should link to website when you click on it. 

Content (body)

  • The content “above the fold” (visible to the recipient before they have to scroll down to view the rest of your email’s content) should be the most important.
  • Content should be short and to the point if possible. Rather link via “read more” links to content on the website than presenting the recipient with an excessively long email. In this way you assure your reader can easily find information of interest in your email, and also drive traffic to your website!


  • Contact details (Email address, telephone numbers, address)
  • Website details
  • Social media links

A “call to action” is recommended:

Links examples/Ideas: These links should be emphasised and prominent

  • Book Now
  • Pre-Order
  • RSVP
  • Click here to order
  • Click here for more info
  • Read more
  • etc. must be big and actually link to your website or email address.


We’ll need the following from you when we’re designing your campaign:


  • The content you send to us should be the FINAL version of the document. Content should be proofed and approved by superiors (if applicable). OUTBOXED does not provide a copywriting or proof reading service.

Pictures & Artwork:

  • High resolution versions of the pictures you’d like inserted into your email (preferably NOT embedded in a word document or PDF)
  • Company logo if not provided before. High quality is very important (300 Dpi).

Look and feel:

  • If possible, please provide indication on colour, design/theme and layout preferences. We’re here to make your design look amazing, but you might already have a good idea of what you’d like to see.

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