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Why buying a Database is BAD for your business

I have to answer this question on a daily basis; “Where can we buy a database?” Being in the Bulk Email industry for + 8 years I’ve come to realize that there are more negative than positive results to be had from buying a database.

Why do you want to buy a database? Do you want to use it to send emails to the recipients to tell them about your amazing company and all the services and products you have to offer? This is exactly what the next person buying that exact same database wants to do!

The only person profiting from the sale of a generic database is the one selling it to you. Why do I say that? Here are a few questions you might want to ponder;

  • Where did this person ‘source’ that database? Are you OK with the fact that you (your company) might be in possession of stolen intellectual property of another company?
  • Are you sure that YOUR info isn’t on that list being sold to all and everyone?
  • Why would someone want to read YOUR email when they’re already on the receiving end of the other 430 emails being sent onto that database daily?
  • Do you know that ISP’s might report you as a known “SPAMMER” if someone on that list reports you as such? How would that affect your CI?

These are just a few of the reasons why it is bad practice to buy a database from an unknown source. There are better, safer and more ethical ways to expand your current database.

I’ll be happy to assist with the right approach to your email campaigns, so contact me for more information on info@outbox.co.za

Article by Riaan M Bezuidenhout

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