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What information should I put on my website?

We feel that a website should be simple, and that your visitors will always need to know:

  1. What your products and services are
  2. Who you are
  3. How to contact you

It’s your company, and you’d know best what you want to tell people about yourself, but you might want to consider some of these pages:

  • Home Page – This is a given and might contain extracts from and read more links to the About Us and Products pages
  • About Us/Company Profile – Tell the visitor more about you.
  • Products & Services – This is what you’re selling or providing.
  • Photo gallery to show off your products, services, implementations, etc.
  • Price List – If not already included in the products page.
  • Testimonials of happy clients
  • FAQ – Frequently asked questions
  • News – updates of latest events
  • BEE Certification if applicable
  • Terms & conditions
  • Links to relevant websites or social networks (try to get those websites to link to you too!)
  • Any other company-specific info you might think of.
  • Contact Us – A must for every website. Contact info, contact form and maybe directions to where you are.

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