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Websites Procedures (How we do things)

Our websites are designed to your precise and unique requirement. It is designed from scratch, around your individual concept, lay-out and functionality. Standard procedure are as follows:

  • Initial contact is made, and a brief requirement is ascertained.
  • A quote is sent and settled according to your needs.
  • You’re sent a questionnaire to ascertain your detailed requirement.
  • Once we’ve received all the relevant material (logo, images, text) requested in the questionnaire, we can proceed.
  • We will present a draft design based on the feedback given in the questionnaire.
  • Any changes requested to the design are done, and the final, approved design is converted into a functional website.
  • Once you’re 100% happy with the site, it’s made accessible to the public.
  • Your website is submitted to the Google, Yahoo, Bing & ODP search engines.

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