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Login Problems

Have you lost your username and/or password, or are you having problems logging into the site?

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Bounces: Permanent & Temporary

A Permanent bounce is defined as a message returned by a mail server because the intended email address either doesn’t exist, or is invalid. Typos within email addresses and expired email addresses account for a large number of permanent bounces.

A Temporary bounce is defined as a message that has temporarily failed delivery. Full email boxes and network problems are the primary causes of temporary bounces.

Known Bugs

As much as we try to provide you with a perfect system, here are some known bugs on the system we’re currently working on fixing, but you should nevertheless know about and try to avoid:

  • Apostrophes (a ‘) in subject line will prevent email to send out. Try to avoid all special characters when naming your email or in titles.
  • When you find that an email won’t pre-send or that the pre-send is corrupt after verifying all of the above criteria have been met, just re-uploading the email often fixes pre-send issues. (Example if your image displays as a x instead of showing the image)

Still having problems? Please contact us.

Important SMS Information

When sending your SMS, or requesting that we send it for you, please keep the following in mind:

  • An sms is limited to 160 characters
  • Each space in a sms counts as one character
  • By LAW an opt out option is required, example “Reply STOP to opt out”
  • Correct mobile number formatting when importing Excel files into your OUTBOXED database: 0821234567
    • No spaces, special characters, 27 or +27**
    • INCORRECT: 082 123-4567
    • INCORRECT: 27821234567
    • INCORRECT: +27 (0) 82 123 4567
    • **The system will remove leading zero automatically. No further action to re-insert zero is required.

Support Articles

Support Articles

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